I’m Sick of Watching Frog Princess

vest: chicwish     shorts: hot topic      top: vintage      necklace: DIY       sunglasses: Ray Ban (adams)       shoes: forever 21
photos by Adam G
My daughter has been watching the princess and the frog on replay every day for the past 2 months. its ruined for me. but I digress. 
This is sort of different from what I’ve been posting lately haha. I haven’t worn these wedges since last winter I think! 
Oh for those of you who came to Peters show last night, thanks!! Theres another show tonight at 8! If you guys live in the LA area and wanna come just email me!
and if you have time please vote for me in the bloggers wardrobe contest
all you have to do is “like” the bloggers wardrobe facebook page
and then “like” the photo of me to cast your vote in!
and enter my giveaway!

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