I Remember You

top: brandy mellville (at revolve)    jeans: Kasil Workshop      give hope bracelet and wings necklace: urbannatures.com        long necklace: brandy melville     Shoes: Aldo
photos by Kyle Murphy
Most comfortable jeans I have in my closet. I paired them with a slouchy backless tee and my Aldo heels just so its not “too” plain of an outfit!
A lot of you have asked how I do my messy bun.. the secret is.. I tie up my hair with my hair haha I kind of loop it around like im going to tie it in a knot, but then I only pull half back through.. and then I wrap the ends around and tuck them in! It only works if you have really long hair. So, I guess this isn’t helpful to a lot of you :( but this is what I do when I don’t feel like dealing with my hair. haha
and this “give hope” bracelet I’m wearing is made from all recycled materials! And anything you buy from Urban Natures , %10 of the profits goes to children in need!!
Anyways.. I’m in this competition to be a part of the bloggers wardrobe and I need your help!!
Please go HERE and “like” the photo of me!! I think you have to first like the bloggers wardrobe facebook page! :)
and of course you can write a little something under the photo boost my confidence ahah <3 I’ll personally thank you if you vote for me!
Thank you so much!
love you all. 
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