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shirt: hot topic      shorts: romwe.com       cardigan: herej.com      shoes: steve madden gretta heel  
Took these photos on a walk with Kylie a couple days ago. I have some good news and bad news. 
Good news is, you can win this cross necklace from Number A I’m wearing! 
Bad news is.. my camera was stolen yesterday. 
Peter and I were in a gallery at the art walk in LA filming something (cant tell you what exactly) but I left my stuff right next to the crew.. and someone in the gallery must have just walked by and swiped it. It makes me really sad that my camera was stolen from me, but it makes me even more sad that someone would do that. This experience has been very humbling. My camera is my life.. I’m a photographer and I can’t photograph. But I think its important for me to focus on what really matters..not tangible objects.. Just focus on how much love and joy I have in my life. Objects can be taken away from you. But love is something that cant be taken away. 
I know I’m sort of being sappy right now. haha but I just wanted to share that with you all.
So, I’m starting my “shop my closet” blog very soon in order to save up enough money to buy another camera. Its going to be very difficult for me to do blog posts. But I’ll try my best for you guys.
Thanks for all your support. I really love you all!
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and congrats to Alia who won the Lulus giveaway!

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