Do You Remember When 21 Years Was Old?

top courtesy of     shorts: vintage levis     shoes courtesy of
photos of me by Adam G (well that rhymed)
I have such good friends. Adam drove all the way over to my house to take photos with me because he knew my camera was stolen. 
I don’t think I’ve worn white shoes since 7th grade back when I wore those cheap slip ons from Walmart. But they didn’t stay white.. I usually got bored and drew on them in class. Definitely wont be drawing on these beautiful shoes though. :) 
This is also the first time I’ve had my hair fishtail braided! Wow a look of firsts! 
I was sent this cool texturizer stuff by loreal and I used it in my hair before I braided it.

ITS PETERS 21st BIRTHDAY TODAY!! (hence my blog title)
he probably wont say anything about it because he doesn’t like celebrating birthdays, but I don’t care haha
hope you all have a good day :)

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