Free Spirit (For Her)

dress: Bobbys shirt    cardigan: thrifted      shoes: forever 21     jewelry: mostly bobbys and some from Snakes Nest Designs
Photos of bobby taken by me, photos of me taken by Bobby Raffin
Even though Bobby isnt living with me anymore, we still have backed up photoshoots to share with you all! This one we decided to do a him/her look. Bobby got this amazing top from some festival and it fit me like a dress! So we thought what the heck lets do it! haha We went back into the private property and shot away. This was actually one of our first photoshoots together! I hope you all like the photos. 
To Bobby:
I miss you more than words. I wish you could have stayed all summer. You inspired me in so many ways and I cant thank you enough for that! This past month I’ve grown so much. I love how we just fed off of each other. I loved having someone just as crazy as I am right there to just jump up and do photoshoots whenever we felt inspired! (which was EVERY DAY) haha 
I can’t believe how quickly we bonded and how many good times we had and memories we made! (and how much money we spent on in-n-out)
We did everything didnt we! Went to six flags, hollywood, got featured on a game show, screamed like maniacs out the car windows, celebrated 4th of July, downtown disney, in-n-out, fashion shows, Santa Monica, VEGAS, backstage at EDC, beach bonfires, auditions, and of course all the photoshoots along the way! I’ll look back at this summer and say “yep, by far that summer was the best”
Thank you Bobby for everything. I love you with all my heart.

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