We Go Downtown

the chin straps were necessary. and ignore peter dropping my child. 

Had a mini lookbook family reunion! Bobby, Peter, Kylie and me met Adam G at Downtown Disney. Its crazy how one site can bring people together! We had an amazing time. We ate some dinner and walked around, then ate ice cream, then kettle corn, then caramel apples and then finished the night off with cotton candy. I didnt sleep that night due to all the sugar I ingested. Kylie wouldn’t let Peter go the whole night. Which was nice for me because walking in heels and carrying a squirming two year old is a difficult task if you can imagine! Haha 
After all the walking and talking we sat down and watched the fireworks. Kylie was amazed haha she kept saying “OH! WOW!”. I think that was her favorite part. 
Overall it was an amazing day! Adam is such a genuine person and I was so glad to have met him! Were going to have another get together soon at Six Flags! I think maybe there will be even MORE bloggers present. ;) Hold on to your panties. 

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