Some More Stuff from the ACM Awards

Okay if you didn’t already know, Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood sang “Walk This Way” on the ACM Awards. I just wanted to share a couple pictures I found on getty images with all of you. It was seriously an amazing performance. I took a 5 minute break from work and stood up right next to the stage for this. It was awesome haha 
Now for some fashion.
Jennifer Nettles looked amazing on the red carpet. The back of her dress was just gorgeous. 
oh and one last thing:

thats my daddy! woo hoo! you can watch the GNO show on the 22nd on CBS I believe :)
Okay, this is kind of a rushed post but I need to write a gallery report. haha Ill share some pictures of Kylie having fun at the Getty Museum as soon as I can get around to editing them. ;)
Thanks for reading if you actually did. hehe

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