Snakes Nest Designs

I finally launched the website for my jewelry line!! Heres the link! Shop away! haha
Give me some feedback on the site and the products! I’d love to know what you all think!

9 comments on “Snakes Nest Designs

  1. That arm chain is beautiful, it’s delicate and tough and AH, I LOVE IT!


  2. All thes look gorgeous! Congratulations on launching your site :)

  3. Wonderful photos.

  4. Your site looks great! So exciting for you. Your prices are really good!

  5. Theay are amazing!! we love it!!
    we found your blog and we follow you :)

    xx from Paloma&Maria twins

  6. Yes! I was literally about to buy a similar bracelet/ body jewelry at Planet Blue’s website until I came across your site!!! Gonna have to go with yours….great prices! :)

    check out my blog

  7. do you sell these at all anymore? the website link is broken now :(

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