photos by Easton Schirra and me!
I got to see the fall 2011 collections by Iosselliani, Rodebjer, Jennifer Behr, and Margarita Saplala before they all will hit fall fashion week! (click on the names to see their websites!)
Iosselliani is an Italian based jewelry line by a wife and husband! I really loved all the crystals and bright colors. Each piece was incredibly beautiful. Iosselliani jewelry pops up everywhere. I see it all the time in editorials and on the runway!
Rodebjer is a Swedish based “ready to wear” collection that was actually just given the Swedish Elle designer of the year award. The collection was very cosmic. Thats the best word to describe it! You can actually get Rodebjer at Urban Outfitters now!
Jennifer Behr is a hair accessory designer. Her designs have been seen on tons of celebrities including Lady Gaga and Natalie Portman! Her headbands were in the Fendi fall 2011 show.
Margarita Saplalas designs were beautiful silk. My favorite dress is in the last picture! An amazing thing about this designer is that she makes her own prints! Extreme talent. 
It was so exciting to see the collections! Anyway, hope you like the pictures!

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  • Theresa

    You honestly live such an exciting life! The pieces and jewelry especially look gorgeous. ♥

  • Steffy's Pro's and Con's

    gorgeous jewelry, i love all of the beautiful colors!

    <3 steffy

  • TiVa

    would you interested in following?
    i like your blog!! =)

  • Maddison Rothery

    must get my hands on that beetle necklace.

  • Tyna

    aaa! gorgeous post! amazing stuff on the 5th photo!.)
    lovely blog, check mine if you want and have time:)

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  • TC

    Such gorgeous jewelry!

  • Rizzi

    So much detail and just plain amazingness!
    Also, that tattoo on the forearm is great.



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