This was maybe a week or two ago at my grandpa’s birthday party. The adults drank, the kid cousins ran around crazy. Nothing changed at all except the fact that my cousins Maddison and Lauren weren’t there. It was weird being at their house without them. Anyway, I guess this is kinda a filler post. I don’t have much to say like always. I think I’ll go make myself some toast and tea. 
And for those of you who have been waiting for my jewelry website to be launched, I have good news! Its ALMOST DONE! I can’t wait. But for now, check up on the facebook page to stay updated.

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  • Fashionography.

    The pictures have great colors, so pretty.

  • Maddison Rothery

    Oh this was so weird when I realised these pictures were at my house! Two months and twenty-two days lovely.

  • Sandra

    you’re such amazing n awesome phorographer <33
    love all your pics!
    oh and can’t wait for this websaite <3

  • Kylie

    I seriously love these… there’s such a strong sense of nostalgia. The warm light, the wine, the cobwebs… these pictures look so ‘homey’ to me though it’s not my home (and my family doesn’t even drink haha)


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