This night was so hilarious I can’t even tell you. My friends and I decided to go on this camping trip just for the night at the local campground. First we stopped at the homecoming football game to watch our friends from high school who were on homecoming court, then we had to speed over to the campsite because we realized they shut the gate at 10 pm. It was 9:40. Colin and I had to reach through the back window and hold on to the sleeping bags that were flying out of the back truck bed. Then one of the bags was slipping out so I held onto Colin’s legs while he crawled out the back window of the moving truck to grab it and pull it in. We got to the campground on time and we set up the tent. Then Ethan, Colin, Pilar, and I went to go get food while Nate and Tyler tried to get the fire going. We picked up some Jack In the Box and drove back to the campsite to find that the gate had been locked and there were spikes on the exit. We thought about maybe pushing the spikes down and driving over them, but came to the conclusion that it would result in a broken foot and popped tires. Then Pilar made a discovery that we could go into the lower parking lot, drive up onto the sidewalk right next to the cliff that went down to the lake and drive up the grass hill past the bathrooms to get back to the street on the other side of the gate. We mobbed it. We all were laughing so hard after we did that! After talking around the campfire, we all slowly went to bed and Tyler couldn’t find his pillow anywhere. Then the raccoons attacked. They were trying to get into the tent by pushing their nose through the tiny opening where the two zippers met. Ethan literally punched the raccoon from inside the tent. It growled and ran off. We looked through the mesh windows and saw six of them running from our campsite. They came back of course and the battle went on kept me and Colin up the whole night. I’m sure Tyler didn’t sleep too well either because of his missing pillow. The next morning we packed up and still couldn’t find the pillow, but we found out we had put our tent over a yellow jacket nest. The bees were so pissed at us. That made everything a whole lot more difficult. On the way back we were all talking and laughing about the night and we saw something in the middle of the street. I was going to make a joke and say “Hey look Tyler its your pillow” but when we got close enough to see it Nate yelled “Tyler its your pillow!” It had fallen out of the truck before we even made it to the football game. And that was my camping adventure.

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