Cowboys and Indians

I always go to this place between the houses on my street. Theres a narrow strip of land that doesn’t belong to anyone that is behind the backyards of all the houses on my street and also behind the ones of the street next to mine. I’m sure we aren’t really allowed back there but who really cares? We try to make our way down the whole street behind the houses. That involves actually cutting through some person’s back yard and hopping a few fences. Anyway, these are some photographs I took of my sisters just being my sisters. Haha

19 comments on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. You write beautifully.


  2. Sounds like quite an adventure. :) Lovely shots as usual. <3

  3. amazing pics<3
    i love :)

  4. thank you all so much <3

  5. awwww I miss that spot!!!
    that was our go to destination for photoshoots from birth to ninth grade.

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  8. i really like your photographs! :)

  9. wow really pretty!

  10. i love the pictures!

  11. The ones with the butterfly are so soft and beautiful. :}

  12. loved the photos!!

  13. thank you everyone <3

  14. love this post, and the photographs x

  15. I like your blog!
    We could be followers each other, what do you think?

  16. Gorgeous photos…

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