Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Island Birthday Iphone Photo Diary

     Peter surprised me with a trip to Catalina Island on my
     birthday. We decided not to bring the camera along and
     just enjoy the island.
     (I wouldn't have had any time to take any outfit posts anyway!)
     After snorkeling, paddle boarding, para-sailing, jet skiing,
     hiking, tons of ice cream cones, and many failed underwater
     photos later, we were burnt to a crisp, but it was worth it.
White blouse: d.Ra
White lace halter: Tillys
Floral Skirt: Black Five
Swim suit and cover up: Eberjey

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

San Francisco Photo Diary

      I know you guys don't see a lot of Kylie on my blog so I wanted
      to start sharing more of her here as well as on her blog.
      These were taken on our trip up to Northern California.
      Sorry for the mash up of photos! I have so much to show you from
      my recent road trip with Peter and Kylie so I wanted to get these
      ones on the blog asap!
      I loved San Fran. I wish I could've spent more time there. We had
      such good food at local places that you guys recommended on my
      instagram. Thanks for the advice! We had the best french soul
      food and sea food ever!
      Anyway, hope you like this little photo diary.
      Love you all.

Friday, June 20, 2014

If You're Going

     Sorry I've been missing lately! I went on a 10 day road
     trip with Peter all the way to Michigan. We stopped in
     Tennessee and a ton of states on the way back to CA.
     I'll tell you more about that later. These were actually taken
     a while back during my first trip up to San Francisco.
     I fell in love with the city. Such a difference from LA.
     I felt like it was a mixture of LA and NYC with its own
     charm as well. Definitely need to go back for longer next
     Happy weekend!
Top: Vintage
Jacket: Vintage Levis
Skirt: Hudson
Bag: Vintage Coach
Necklace: Dogeared

Sunday, June 8, 2014


      I'm a lounger. I love to lounge.
      I love summer because I can sit outside in the shade of my
      tree until the sun goes down and play with Kylie and Arora.
      Peter and I make this awesome watermelon lemonade every
      summer, and I wish I could share the recipe, but I honestly
      don't know it and we have no clue what we're doing.
      ps. Find Marvin the tortoise in two of the pictures!
      In collaboration with Tillys and Fashiolista
        Photos by Peter Adrian
Skirt: Tillys
Shoes: Tillys

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Malibu Getaway

      Jumping back to my Mother's Day getaway in Malibu.
      Sorry for the scattered posts! I still have things to edit and
      catch up on.
      Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. I'm wishing
      I was back here relaxing and pretending I live in this beautiful
      mansion. :P
      Love you all. 
Romper: Guess?
Pearl necklace: Dogeared 
via Neiman Marcus

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coffee Break

      Basically what I've been wearing every day this summer.
Top: Joes Jeans
Shorts: Joes Jeans
Bag: Vintage Coach
Shoes: Shoemint
Hat: Vitamin A

Friday, May 16, 2014

Poolside With Baby

     Had an awesome stay at this beautiful estate in Malibu last weekend.
     Kylie and I lounged by the pool for a while and took some pictures
     in our Tori Praver swim. Their kids bikinis are so cute I can hardly
     stand it.
     I'm slowly building up my one piece collection. A couple years ago
     I would have never worn one because I felt like my torso looked
     weird or something. But now I know there are so many different
     cuts and fits that can work for everyone.
     Hope you guys like the pictures. Check out Kylie's blog for more!
     photos by Peter Adrian